It’s the first day of free music week!  Each day, music bloggers  around the world will identify an artist who they particularly rate, and the friendly folks at musikpiraten e.v. will aggragate the information together.  It’s an attempt to make the best of creative commons music accessible, which is a pretty worthy aim I think, so I’m going to attempt to participate.

My artist for the day is Dublicator.

Dublicator is the name that Tamás Olejnik uses for his dub & dub-techno releases.  He first came to my attention with the excellent Deep Roots EP, released through the Deep in Dub netlabel.

Deep Roots EP release page

My personal favourite on this is definitely Echoes of Babylon – have a listen.

I next came across Chord Centre, another DID release, which has got to be my all-time favorite dub-techno album.   Just great smooth, deep quality dub techno.  I don’t have a particular favourite, it’s all pretty good.

Chord Centre release page

In undertaking this proto-review, I’ve realised that this is really just scratching the surface of this fantastic artist.  He has a number of releases running right back to 2006, and has continued onwards to 2010 (details here).   I’ll certainly have to continue my investigations into his past a bit once my work calms down a little.  🙂

On another note, I see with great sadness that with his latest release Tamas has gone to the darkside, and is now releasing his music out of the creative commons realm.  I for one am hoping he returns to his deep roots.


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