DJ Soma

This is the webspace for the DJ Soma project.  I will release my music here, and also review albums when I have time (which will probably not be often).

What is soma?

In the mid-90’s I was introduced to the goodness that is dance music.  The dance scene was burgeoning in my home town (thanks Eudaemony), and I was right in there in the early days.  Since then dancing and dance music has been one of my great passions.

I had a break from the scene in the new millenium as the twin responsibilities of family life and earning took the lines share of my attention, but in recent years I’ve started to go back to my roots.

In 2007 I discovered the wealth of creative commons licensed music available on the internet, and began devouring it.  I started to get involved in a few parties again, and got back into DJing with the help of mixxx.  Since then I’ve gradually become more involved in the local party scene (as time permits), mostly through organising parties with a bit of DJing thrown in.

Almost all musical content referenced on this blog has been released under creative commons licenses and is freely available for download.  Much of it is able to be remixed.

To contact me, please comment on this page.  I’ll get in touch…

Yours in somatic experience



1 Comment

  1. Arjun Jassal said,

    January 21, 2010 at 12:12 pm

    Hi DJ Soma

    I came across you while reading up on music and the Creative Commons movement. After reading about you,I thought that it would be a great idea to get in touch with you.

    I work with Twinity, a virtual world inspired by real life cities. As of now, we have created Berlin, London and Singapore, all available online for free, right from all the famous buildings down to every last detail on the roads. And around this, we have been able to build a community that stretches from South East Asia to the Americas. You can see Twinity and all the cities here:

    Lately, we have started inviting artists (painters, photographers, sculptors and of course, musicians) to come and perform on Twinity for our community. We have held some live music shows in the past and found that its a great way of creating synergy between the artist and the community that they want to target. We do realise that music performances arent free, as a result, we have been encouraging artists to either sell their records in Twinity or link their concerts to commercial websites. If that doesnt work we do our own little bit to support the artist.

    I would be honored to invite you to Twinity. If you like our virtual cities, we would love to have you perform for us.
    Please to let us know if you would like to know more about Twinity or how to perform in it.
    Thank you


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