Autumn Arena 2011 (as it should have sounded)

God I’ve been busy lately.

Over the Easter period I was heavily involved in the organisation of two festivals.  Was pretty happy with how both of those panned out, but not so much with my DJing.  In both cases I completely mashed a set that was well within my capabilities due to my amateur equipment.  Frustrating!  I’ve decided to step out of DJing until such a time as I have a workable setup.

I’ve also decided to re-record both of these sets & post them here, to soothe my battered ego.  😉

Here’s the first set- played at Autumn Arena 2011

Autumn Arena 2011 (as it should have sounded)

The extended version (192 kbps – 143Mb).

The short (hi-res) version (320 kbps -167Mb).


I hope to get the second (mangled at Samhain) up pretty soon, but am stoopidly busy with my work at the moment.  😦