What is soma?

Soma is a multi-faceted word.  In varying traditions it relates to our experience of embodied movement/experience, and to our spiritual nature.

Our soma is our kinesthetic experience of the world (Hanna, n.d.), the feeling of our body moving to the rhythm of life….but it’s more than this.  It’s also our intentional movement and our engagement with the world through emotional experience.

In the vedic religion (the root of many eastern spiritual and religious beliefs), soma was a mythical drink believed to bestow divinity or immortality.  It is a symbol of spiritual enlightenment.

Any committed dancer knows the experience of one-ness that occurs when you surrender to the beat, letting the rhythm move you.  Dancing is the peak of somatic experience, our modern day tribalism.


Hanna, E. (n.d.). What is somatics?.  Retrieved July 3, 2009 from http://www.somaticsed.com/whatIs.html.


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